Manual Editing of WW text files

I was looking for a solution to a problem I had (now solved) and came across several issues where people had manually edited a text file in WW. This may have been suggested before. Copy and paste the original file somewhere you can easily find it, eg desktop. Then if an error occurs you only have to replace the original file. I hope somebody finds this useful.

Personally I prefer saving files to the My Documents folder. Easier to backup if everything is in one place. And the desktop is cleaner. :icon_smile:

Quite right, EdP. But to elaborate on my perhaps not quite clear previous post my suggestion was intended to indicate to save it somewhere you can easily find it prior to editing, so that it can easily be replaced in the event of similar problems. Then delete the saved backup. It is, of course not a bad idea to keep backups if you feel your system or a program is letting you down. Then you can easily replace files if you find you need to reinstall. I personally keep a CD of files I feel might be useful in such circumstances. Please don?t feel that I am trying to undermine your suggestion. It is the failing of my previous post that has prompted your more than adequate and helpful response. If one intends to store the files for a period of time, then of course ?My Documents? in a folder created for this purpose is the ideal place to save them. I was considering the ?uninitiated? who may follow the windows ?save? interface and have difficulty finding the saved files.

8-[ O I C :icon_smile: