Main Window Themes

Just something to throw out for future versions. Would it be possible to have separate skins, that would act the same but would look different, such as the one you’re working on for 5.6. Something similar to WeatherBug perhaps, just to add some more custimzing features for the user?

Maybe even have something looking like this, but on a smaller scale-
This is a graphic that I designed for KXMB CBS12 in Bismarck. The sun/moon would go on the right side of the temperature. Something like this could be adapted to a window design. Let me know, I can whip up some themes if you’d like!


PS: Thanks for the awesome freeware programs…they beat anything similar!!! [8D]

Weather Watcher 5.6 supports skins, so, yes, this is possible. The problem is that the skin process is not documented, so not too many people know how to create a skin.

Since I’m not a designer, I don’t know how long it takes to make said skin…but would it be possible to make a few others to add to the selection after the final release? I’d be willing to help somehow! Just let me know! Thanks!