Main window is an empty white square

Hi all

My weather watcher is not working properly. I’ve upgraded today (5 June) to the latest version, but that didn’t solve the problem. It won’t display the window with the actual weather conditions/ barometer/daily predictions/ etc.
All other functions are there through the icon in the tray on the bottom right: I can update my wallpaper, go to options, but it won’t open the main window. All I see is a white empty window. Anybody know how to solve this?

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Margreet Mol

Do you know if you made any changes to the default Internet Explorer options? Weather Watcher Live uses an embedded instance of Internet Explorer to display the weather data, so any modified Internet Explorer settings could have an effect on the way the weather data is displayed in Weather Watcher Live.

The “Advanced” tab of the Internet Explorer options window contains a reset button to restore the Internet Explorer options to the original settings. You could try restoring your options to see if that resolves this problem.

Main window is an empty white window

Thank you for your reply. I tried it but it didn’t help. Actually I haven’t used Internet Explorer for a while, because I had problems with it. Within a minute of using it, it gets stuck. I think this began after I ran the virus scanner Hitman Pro some time ago. I’ve used Hitman Pro before so I can’t be sure if it caused it. But ever since I’m using Mozilla Firefox without problems.
I haven’t used the main window of weather watcher for quite a while either, so maybe the two problems are connected. I have no idea however how to correct it.

Thank you and any other suggestions are welcome!!


Internet Explorer definitely needs to be in working order for Weather Watcher Live to work correctly. The following link displays search results for websites that discuss repairing/reinstalling Internet Explorer:

Main Window won’t open

I have the same problem on my newly installed v5.630 – WW always worked for me using WINXP, but this is the first time with Vista, and i installed it from a user with admin authority. I don’t even get the white window. I get nothing when i click on the icon in the task bar. When i hover over the tray icon i get the data but when i click “open…” or when i click on the task bar, nothing happens.

I have the same problem with .51. I have gotten the following error message.

Problem With WWL .51

3 days ago I booted my vista system, and upon start up wwl told that there were new maps discovered. I told it to update them, and now nothing happens at all, every start up the same message is displayed, and if I tell it to ask me again later, there is no data displayed at all, when I double click on the tray icon I get a blank white box, and when I hover over the tray icon it shows a ?, if I tell the program to combine the maps with the new ones I get Runtime Error ‘429’ ActiveX Component Could Not Be Created. I know that the weather station is not down, due to another program that retrieves data from the same station.
The station is Jacksonville, FL (Naval Air Station Jacksonville)
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the weather watcher live software!!
Please help!


My Weather Watcher Live also gave a white box. Finally I got fed up with it, removed Weather watcher Live entirely and returned to Weather Watcher 5.6.30. That one runs ok on my computer. I’m not running Vista, but XP.


Margreet Mol

White Screen problem

I was wondering how long it is going to be before this problem is fixed. Is the next patch for this program going to fix this problem, I hope.

I think this is a wonderful program, have used it for years and recommended highly to people.

Thanks in advance.


jnelsoninjax, does Internet Explorer run okay on your computer?

mhm, you should probably try repairing and/or reinstalling Internet Explorer. Weather Watcher Live uses Internet Explorer to display the weather data in the main Weather Watcher Live window, so that would definitely have to be in good working order before installing Weather Watcher Live.

davidberq, it looks like there are a lot of different issues described in this thread. I’m not so sure that they are related.

Can you give me specific details about your problem?

Yes, IE does work, it is version 7, and is totally up to date. I however do not use IE as my primary browser.

jnelsoninjax, even though, Weather Watcher Live still uses Internet Explorer. I just wanted to verify that it was working correctly since that is originally how this thread started out.

Did Weather Watcher Live ever work okay for you? If so, what changed on your computer since Weather Watcher Live stopped working.

Weather Watcher Live only alerts you of new maps on the first run after a new install. Do you install a new Weather Watcher Live update right before it stopped working (if it ever worked)?

Yes it did work. Nothing has changed on my system, and I installed the newest version, and ever sense then it has come up on start up asking about maps. I have temporary stopped it from loading at start up due to the fact that it no longer works.

jnelsoninjax: Try the following:

Run Weather Watcher Live as admin - allow it to update the maps
close that instance, make sure it is gone from Task Manager
run WWL as normal.

See if it fixes the problem.

If not, uninstall it again, reboot, then run the installer again 0 and when it asks you to run WWL for the first time, let it run - don’t uncheck the run button after installing. Let it run, and then close it and try to run it again as a normal user.

These links might help too:

Ok, I have tried everything mentioned here (resetting IE 7, uninstall and reinstall of wwl) and I get the same issue, upon start-up of the program (1st run) I receive the message that new maps are found, I tell it to combine the maps, and now it is frozen.
This is what I see:
Also this has been this way for ~15 mins and nothing has changed at all! :shock:
Also there is no tray icon right now.

jnelsoninjax, did you try temporarily shutting down all security-related applications? It looks like something is blocking Weather Watcher Live – kind of looks like it’s stuck waiting to create the map file.

I paused kaspersky internet security, and it still hangs at the maps prompt. I made sure that any weather watcher live program had full access to the network as well as the local machine. Also, if I choose to ask me later, I am placed in an infinite loop of asking the same question.

jnelsoninjax, I sent you an e-mail.