Love the latest WW but can't access my City

Hey there,

I have had to revert back to an older version of WW (which used because my city isn’t included in the available locations from the current weather provider (weatherbug). Bummer. I love the new interface and design of the latest WW. Any plans on perhaps including more than one weather provider, or is that not a possibility?

Thanks for a great tool though.


I will be adding data from WeatherBug’s personal weather stations this year – possibly as early as next month. Other sources, such as, might be added as well. I have to check around and see if any of the other weather sources have created API’s to access their weather data.

Oh brilliant! I’ll keep my eyes open for the update. Thanks Mike. Great quality software, especially cos it’s freeware! You don’t get a lot of freeware (at least in my own experience) which is as polished and looks more like the pro stuff.

God bless,


:shock: Isn’t that where the data has been coming from all these years??? :-k

Yep – and that’s why it’s an obvious choice to add.