Log File Fields

First some props before my question. I’m a Network Engineer / sys admin and got really tired of the popular limited free functionality and ad-ware (not to mention the huge footprint on system resources) of the big 2 desktop weather apps so I went on a hunt to find a replacement. WOW am I impressed with your app, Weather Watcher Live is much cleaner and more flexible than anything I’ve found in the past…and all that with a much smaller footprint. Bravo!!!

So my question is this…I’ve enabled the logging option so I can trend weather and calculate stats (yea I know…I’m a nerd LOL). I would like to add some additional fields to the log file like daily, monthly, and yearly rain fall. Is it possible to add these? Can you please provide a list of all possible log file export fields?

Thanks for the ultra high quality freeware!

kc0kdh, you’ll find a list of all available template codes in the “Reference Information” --> “Template Codes” section of the Weather Watcher Live user guide. To access the user guide, right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose “Help” --> “User Guide”.

Thanks Mike, I found them. Also, wantd to give you a heads up that I made a dontation to support your efforts.

kc0kdh, thank you for your support. It’s much appreciated!