Local button on latest WWL update

On clicking this button for local obs, nothing happens anymore, noticed this with latest 7.1.124. Station in use is Ilam station Christchurch NZ, same happens on other local stations too. All other buttons are AOK!

When attempting to open the Local Observations window, does this icon appear in the Windows Taskbar?


Hi Mike, no icon shows in taskbar other than the WWL icon plus underneath showing a link open to local which on opening brings up a blank window. Windows 8.1.

Can you post a screenshot of the blank window you’re referring to?

Have reinstalled program and problem gone! One thing…NZ is in Daylight Saving, (NZDT), program shows NZST. Splendid 4 skin. Have a great Xmas. :icon_smile:

Are the times actually off in Weather Watcher Live? Or is the time just mislabeled as “NZST” at the top of the Weather Watcher Live window?

No time is ok just NZST should be NZDT.

The time zone is incorrect in the weather data coming from WeatherBug. I just emailed them to let them know about this issue. I’ll follow up here when I hear back from them.

The time zone should be displaying correctly now. Please let me know if this is still not working for you.

No Mike still shows NZST.

Is it possible that the time zone is incorrect on your computer? When using Weather Underground weather stations, Weather Watcher Live shows the time in your current time zone (or whatever is currently set in Windows).

Must be windows then as current time here is ok…although I note NZ should be UTC + 13:00!

You should be able to adjust your time zone if you click the “Change time zone” button in your screenshot above.

Interesting to see the Daylight Saving Time comment. We northerners forget that the southern hemisphere is having summer as we experience winter. And that even Christmas for them is a summer holiday.

Maybe the OS is a northern version?

Changing time zones only gives you country options…however its only a minor problem, I can live with it! Cheers for you advice and a Happy New Year!

:-k Is it +13:00 when you’re not in Daylight Saving Time mode?

Should be +13:00 in Daylight time which is now, and +12:00 in Standard time. Windows recognised the change to d/l time on my system clock, but not in regional time…if you get my drift! It still sows +12:00, thats why WWL still has us in NZST altho the time is correct…confused now? :icon_smile:

Oh and by the way have lost my local obs page again…clicking on local gives me the desktop page…windows 8.1. All other links great. Last time I did a fresh install of WWL, it was ok for a few days then problem came back.

Brykari, what do you mean by it gives you the desktop page?

Do you ever change the resolution on your desktop? Or is it always the same?

The local window remembers its last position. If the last position is no longer on your visible desktop, then that might explain why it’s appearing outside of the visible desktop area. It seems that’s what’s happening anyhow.

Fixed thanks Mike, I found on opening local page it started minimized to task bar, thats why I couldn’t see it! Cheers. :shock: