Local Alerts?????

I’ve been user of your program for a long time. But that was the free version. I have now downloaded the latest paid version for a trial. It seems to work fine, but I’m not liking the newer way of obtaining alerts! In the older version, you clicked on the alert tab and the local alert was right there on your desktop within the program. It seems now, everything is obtained by opening a browser. Am I correct in this? Or does this just happen when there are no alerts and when there actually is one will it appear in the program like it always did before? If it always needs to open a browser I probably won’t purchase the program. It worked just fine the original way.

The “ALERTS” button at the top of the main Weather Watcher Live window always links back to WeatherBug.com. If an alert has been issued for your location, a red alert banner will appear at the top of that window. If you click that banner, detailed alert information will be displayed right inside of that window.

I was hoping the response would be something to that effect. Now I’ll sit back and wait for an alert to see if it happens. So far so good, the program seems to work fine and easy to customize for personal use. Thank you!