Licensing Change

A single Weather Watcher Live license can be installed on up to three computers at one time. License keys are transferrable if you ever get a new computer, but they will automatically deactivate if actively used on more than three computers at a time.

What about a portable version that runs from a UFD and can be run on numerous computers?

Thats very generous of you Mike. I have two computers I use WWL on and didn’t really want to pay for both.

It should be fine until you decide to run it on more than three computers. When you hit the 4th computer, you’ll be prompted to enter your registration again when you go back to one of the other three computers.

Is it possible to stay at 6.0.34, turn off update checking, and keep the original freeware licensing terms?

I do agree wholeheartedly with your decision to start being compensated for your hard work and efforts… WWL has new updates released very frequently, and I am sure it takes you a lot of time. It’s a great program, no doubt – but I can’t justify an annual expense for it. I would be more inclined to send you a one-time $20 donation for the ability to continue using the version I have now perpetually.

Have you considered a lifetime license alternative at a higher cost?


Yes, please feel free to do that. The last freeware version can be downloaded from the following link:

I haven’t thought about it. What kind of price were you thinking of?

I’m not sure… I guess its perception that may be throwing me off… For example if you followed the typical software/maintenance model pricing of initial price for product & 1st year of maintenance, followed by 1/3 each subsequent year for maintenance, it would (at least in my opinion) create the perception of higher value… For example, $29.95 for application which included one year of updates, support, etc… Subsequent maintenance could be purchased at $9.95 per year. At any point, maintenance could be discontinued, giving the user the right to use up to the most recent version when maintenance was discontinued…


The subscription price has been lowered to $9.95/year for a 3-computer license.

FYI, everyone who has purchased the $19.95 license has been given an additional year for free.

That works :slight_smile: Keep up the great work on an excellent program! Thanks!

The last free version is still way more functional that anything else available for free, and way better than many paid programs.

$10.00 a yr is very reasonable, and cheaper than my last donation. :mrgreen:

A very nice gesture indeed… So I sent a $10 donation as well in addition to the license fee… Keep up the great work!

Thank you :icon_smile:

Glad you’re charging instead of partnering with adware this time. My order is on its way.

Welllllll… The stuff is still there in the installer… You choose whether or not to install it… But Mike has NEVER forced anyone to install it. Even before the, there were two versions one could install – one with additional adware, or one without.

Yes, I have been using Weather watcher for a very long time, until I switched to WWL.

And as for Ask not being there - with them you never can tell…

Do we need to get a new license for the change or will that be reflected on your end, Mike?

Boofo, if you mean the price change, then you are okay as-is.

Does that include being able to run it on more than 1 computer at home?

A single license can be used on up to three computers. That goes for all Weather Watcher Live licenses… regardless of when they were purchased.

Great! I just wanted to make sure, sir. :wink: