Lack of rain data

At least the latest version now gives the chance of precipitation % on the pop-up window, but when are the daily, monthly and yearly rain figures going to work?

When adding a new weather station in Weather Watcher Live, you have the choice to choose WeatherBug stations or NWS stations. Rain totals is not available for NWS weather stations. If you choose a WeatherBug station, rain totals will be displayed as long as that station is tracking rain data.

For an example of a WeatherBug station that is collecting rain data, try the following:

1) Search for “Harrisburg, PA”.

2) Add the “Lawnton ES” weather station.

3) Update the weather. You’ll see the daily/monthly/yearly rain totals in the system tray tooltip window – as long as you have them selected in the “Tray Tooltip” of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

If you are using a WeatherBug weather station and are not seeing the rain totals, then you could pass that information onto If the weather station is supposed to be collecting rain data and is not, WeatherBug will be able to contact the weather station owner and resolve the problem.