"Keep all windows on top" option

Is anyone using the “General” --> “Keep all windows on top” Weather Watcher Option?

In trying to move toward a more standard Windows application look & feel, I would like to remove that option. The option really isn’t that useful… it also is causing some minor conflicts with the way Weather Watcher functions.

Any comments?

Hi Mike,
I’ve never used it and don’t really see the need for it either. All you have to do is run your mouse over the Temp tray icon anytime you need the basic info and right click on it to do most anything you need to do with the program. Really no need to keep the main window open all the time. This is just my opinion based on how I use it. [:)]

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FWIW, I don’t use the feature. Thanx.

It’ll be removed in Beta 11. I think it’s pretty much useless anyhow.