Issue with search of stations


I’ve a weird problem that prevents me to use WW.

When I install it and try to choose a station searching by name, no matter what is the name I search for, the “Searching for available locations…” appears but never ends. It seems that WW is not able to search. Is this a bug?

Did you check that Windows and any security-related software is not blocking Weather Watcher Live from accessing the Internet?

My firewall is not blocking WW or I would be warned.

Is there any other protocol WW uses I should be aware of?

As far as I can see when searching for a station WW doesn’t connect to outside, or am I wrong?

This problem could be related to previous installations in the computer not properly uninstalled?

You will only be warned if your firewall is blocking Weather Watcher Live for the first time. Please temporarily shut down your firewall and all other security-related software to see if that resolves the issue. That will at least rule out the idea that another software application is interfering – a common problem.

Yes, I am thinking a program on your computer is blocking the connection between Weather Watcher Live and the Internet.

Previous installations of Weather Watcher Live? I doubt it. You could try reinstalling Weather Watcher Live over top of itself to rule out this idea.

Disabled antivirus and firewall and the issue still happens.

Image shows the window.

I’ll reinstall and see what happens

Update situation

A clean uninstall and reinstallation solved the problem.