Issue in 7.0.22 version with WU stations

The last Observed time is repeated several times and the Download time 2 times.
Also in the tray tooltip for the last observed time.

Please post a screenshot of the “Region and Language” window from the Windows Control Panel.

I send a screenshot of the window “Region and Language”, unfortunately in French!
I am on Windows 7.

Please let me know if the following Weather Watcher Live build resolves this issue:

For me, the problem remain the same with the 7.0.25 version.

In the tray tooltip, the display is the same for the observed time as in the main screen (repeated several times), but the download time is correct : 18.08.2010 22.05.06 (not 18.08.2010 22.05.06 @ 18.08.2010 22.05.06 as in the screen).

I’ll check it out and get back to you.