International weather - more cities

I recently used your software weatherwatcher (not live). Its a great software, so i bought your new and only supported version wwl. Now i am disappointed, because weather bug supports only the big cities, not the smaller ones in germany. Is it possible to get more detailed weather data for a region? I get only the weather for frankfurt airport, but this area is about 50 miles from my location. With weatherwatcher before it worked fine. I know there was another weatherprovider called weatherchannel, which data you were accessing in ww. Is weatherbug only located in the usa and the major cities in the world?

I like your programm very much, even its only supporting englisch language. There was no question to buy it, but I think, i cant use it in the future, because of the lack of weatherdata for my region.

from germany

WeatherBug does not have live weather stations outside of the US. I am also working with Weather Underground, and they have many international weather stations. Once that flavor of Weather Watcher Live is available, I think you’ll be able to find closer locations.

I will gladly refund the cost of your Weather Watcher Live registration if you email me at with the email you used to purchase your registration.

Thank your for your fast reply. I dont want a refund, I used ww for a year and it worked perfectly, take it as a small donation for your great work. Maybe im a lucky one in the near future, if you release the wwl-version with the other weaterprovider.

from germany