Intermittent tooltip flashing

Hello Mike. I have noticed on occasion that the tooltip window will flash rapidly when hovering over the taskbar icon. This is intermittent but happens enough to be a pain. Windows 7 pro, WW Live 7.0.99. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Do you know of any way to consistently reproduce that behavior?

I wish I could find a way to reproduce it consistently… I have tried playing with different tooltip skins thinking that might have something to do with it but so far no luck. I will keep trying to find more info that may help.

Hello again Mike,

I have more information on the “tooltip flashing” issue I reported. I believe it is caused by weather stations that have a long station name. This causes WWL to have to create a tooltip window considerably wider than normal (horizontally). The program sometimes writes and re-writes a tooltip window overtop of itself and in a narrower window. If I turn off the location in the options, the window is normally sized and I haven’t noticed this happening. Hope this helps.

Thanks in advance,