INTELLICAST Wallpaper Maps - Gone in 5.6.25 Why?


Finally upgraded from 5.6.18 to 5.6.25. Got tired of the constant upgrades.

Anyway, I noticed that Intellicast is no longer included in the list of maps. Did they ask to be included? Are the unhappy with the traffic or any such thing? I know I can probably manually add them, but I’m just curious as to what happened. I know they are occasionally down compared to the other map sources.

I prefer their maps, especially for weather and wind.

Interesting. I would like to think that most people do not enjoy using buggy software releases. I’ve been wrong before though :cool:

No – they changed all of their links. Broken links get removed from the maps list as I find them.

I’ll be adding new maps in the next Weather Watcher release. Yes – that means you’ll have to upgrade again :icon_smile:

Didn’t mean to offend you, but it was release 5.6.19 that caused me to go back and stop at 5.6.18

I think I’ll just specify my own maps from now on and stick with 5.6.25. Links probably are always going to change (annoying for sure,) so what can you do.

You didn’t :icon_smile:

Hey, Windows isn’t that bad. The number of patches in the monthly updates is less than a dozen most months now. :iconbiggrin:

Or are you referring to all these WW releases you’ve been posting? :razz:


To turn off the Update reminders deselect the On Startup option on the Option’s General tab.

Haha… and that is why they are “unreleased” versions :wink: