incorrect information displayed

Just wanted to let you know for the newer versions that the hi/low temps as well as the sunrise/sunset times don’t update. Mine has been stuck at 51? for the past week…no change…and the sunrise/sunset has been at 7:54am and 5:30pm. I’m using the Longhorn Interface and Forecast Skin. Thanks for the awesome program!


That might work…but the thing is, I get the correct temp/wind/etc. information. The sunrise/sunset times and high/low temps are still stuck at the times they were when I posted the first post. It’s not too much of a big deal for me because I can get the information from the National Weather Service page if I really need it. Just passing some information along.


Appreciately the follow up tuez13.

If you can try a different skin and the problem goes away it indicates the problem is specific to the skin. If the problem persists it indicates the problem is specific to WW.exe or DL.exe or your system.

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