Inaccurate forecast.

I live in Massena NY 13662 If you check the weather forecast with Weather Watcher Live you will see it predicts freezing rain on Monday the 18th and snow on Tuesday the 19th. WeatherBug predicts the weather to be sunny and in the low 80’s. Not really snow weather. Any thoughts as to what could cause this unlikely event ? Larry

Same/similar issue for St. Louis, MO (63111, St. Louis University station). All is normal up until Wednesday, where it gives a high of 86 and a low of 32 with frozen precipitation. Each day after that, it gives a high of 45. We do have crazy weather here, and a weather change that severe in a matter of hours is not uncommon in October or November, but it definitely doesn’t happen in August. (I’m also getting normal high 80’s forecasts on the website.)

This looks like a data quality issue. It would be best to contact WeatherBug so they can investigate.

From the link to the other message:

That’s the problem. We’re not seeing the same thing on as what we’re seeing in WWL. In my case, WWL is showing a forecast for temps in the low 40’s. is showing a more likely forecast of temps in the upper 80’s. I admit I don’t know a lot about how the program works, but if it’s showing something completely different than what’s on the website, is that an issue on their end that they’d be able to correct?

Weather Watcher Live should be accessing the same data that WeatherBug’s website is accessing. However, I’m pretty sure both don’t use the same method to get to the data. In the past, I have seen cases where their website was displaying different data – due to some error on their end.

Weather Watcher Live displays the data as reported by WeatherBug’s data feed. If you’re seeing invalid weather data, then the problem is most likely somewhere on their end. They’ve asked that they be contacted directly so they are able to correct any issues. I don’t mind passing messages along to WeatherBug, but it’s more convenient for everyone if I am bypassed in the process.

BTW, here is what I see for St. Louis University right now:

How odd. I just restarted Weather Watcher Live, updated, and it’s still showing me the same as before (and starts with Monday rather than tomorrow).

I’ll go ahead and contact WeatherBug, then, and in the meantime, I’ll just use one of the other stations (the rest in the area seem to be fine).

Before doing that, try installing the Weather Watcher Live release below. It’s the latest build – what I’m currently using.

Ah. Yep, that worked. All appears to be working fine again.