Icons not showing

While the tray icon is showing, the weather icon on the Current Conditions page is not showing, I get the red X.
I am using WW 5.6 Beta 3 on a Windows ME system using the default Classic theme.
At the moment the missing icon under properties says: 27.gif.gif, so I am guessing the error is from the repeated .gif. The full address under properties is: http://image.weather.com/web/common/wxi … 27.gif.gif
Another bug, clicking the Weather Alert yielded a Page Not Found error, until I changed the alert1.html to alert.html.
By the way, the tray icon is separated from the temp. No real problem, but if there is a way of keeping them together it would be nice. It would also be nice if clicking/double clicking the icon did the same as clicking/double clicking the temp.
I haven’t noticed a Weather Alert bubble or anything in the tray, I thought I read a post about an alert bubble or something to let you know there was an alert… am I missing it?

Great program though. Thanks for the great work.

I forgot to say my default browser, it it matters is Firefox.
Anyhow, I changed the theme, and with each theme the icons don’t show in the weather report page, nor does the link to the weather alert work, it still is naming them oddly.
A request, when I double click to bring it out of the tray, it doesn’t show up on the taskbar, which can be a bit confusing if you bring another window to the front and have to double click the temp (as clicking the icon in the tool tray doesn’t do anything yet) again to bring the report back to the front. Could it be added to the task bar, or an option to do so?

Are the icons displaying for the Hourly and Daily Forecasts?

My Alert link points to Alert1.html and clicking on it opens the Severe Alert window which when right clicked and Properties selected shows it to be Alert1.html.

Did you do a clean install of 5.6b3 or did you do an update over 5.5?

Also did you download the 5.6b3 Full Setup? If you have not used the beta before that is what you need. The 5.6b3 upgrade is not for upgrading from 5.5 to 5.6.

The default browser doesn’t matter.


I did indeed download only the update and installed it over the old 5.5. I uninstalled and downloaded the 5.6 and the icons are indeed showing again. Thank you.
I was getting no icons in any screen. There isn’t a weather alert at the moment to see if it still leads to a page not found error or not.