I don't see any forcast pictures like clouds, sun, etc.

Hello every one
Since I installed WW Live I don’t see the daily forcast or any other condition pictures. Please tell me where is the problem because i trust only this programm :).

Thank you

P.S. I apply some screen shots to make the issue more clear :).



I have the same problem with Varna, Bulgaria.
And balloon is not regenerated :
My version is 6.0.16

I’ve installed the latest version 6.1.12 and am having the exact same problem as noted in these other posts. I changed the location and it didn’t help. Does anyone know why I’m having this problem?


xxTTcc, which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

wrbird, are you still experiencing that problem right now?

Both of you, click the “UPDATE” button to refresh the weather and then try restarting Weather Watcher Live. Any difference?

Hello Mike,

I logged in this morning and everything is working fine. It’s been like this for a few days thinking it must have been a Weatherbug issue. So I waited, then opened Weatherbug to see if I was able to see daily forecasts for my area. I didn’t see any problem on their end. Any ideas what may have caused this? I’ve been running WeatherWatcher for a long time now and haven’t had a problem.

Thanks for your help


I’m having a similar problem. I have recently registered and installed the latest version (6.1.13) and the hourly forcast pictures/icons don’t show up. However, when I hover over the “selected” hour, the balloon shows the information. I’ve updated, closed and reopened WWL a few times. I’m using the Splendid2 skin.


Monkeyman, please post a screenshot.

Hi Mike i’m haveing te same problem i’ve clicked update shut WWl down restarted and still can’t see te pictures at the bottom, i’ll post a screen shot when i get home from work, also are there any problems with running WWL on windows 7?

Monkeyman, it looks like you have Internet Explorer 6.0 installed. If that’s the case, you can resolve that problem by running Windows Update and installation the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Thanks but not a chance in hell. Wouldn’t touch Internet Exploder for anything. I’m running the latest version of Firefox. Any other suggestions?

Monkeyman, you might use Firefox to browse the web, but you probably have more than one program installed that is using Internet Explorer. Weather Watcher Live uses an Internet Explorer control to display the weather data in the main window.

The following Weather Watcher Live build contains some skin modifications that might allow the skin to display properly without making any changes to Internet Explorer:


FYI, not installing the latest Windows updates (including Internet Explorer) could eventually put your computer at risk. Microsoft releases updates for a reason :cool:

That seemed to help. Until now, I haven’t had any program that utilized any part of IE. I don’t install many Windows updates, either. Running Windows will put a computer at risk all by itself. I’ve had some of the “updates” do more damage to my computer than not installing them.


Monkeyman, did that update completely resolve the icon issue?

Sure did. Thanks again.

I have lost the icons for the slider at the bottom (with the hours selection only) and the hourly tab. All others show up fine. I have installed the A version and it still doesn’t show any hourly icons.

Boofo, me too, but my hours are showing up again. It’s an issue with WeatherBug’s data feed. This happened the last time the clocks were adjusted.

Mike, I was just going to jump on and say the hours have started working again. I kind of figured it was something to do with the feed and not your program. It just seemed weird as I had never had it happen before. Hopefully, going to Weather Underground will fix things like this from happening.