How to add Lat. and Long. to 600 mile Doopler radar map

OK! I will try here… Iwould like to add my LAT. AND LONG. To this 600 mile Doopler radar map…
This is from an Aug 2007 post C&P
BTW The last map’s URL can be tweaked to point directly to your house. Just adjust the &lat and &long values. You can also adjust the &viewPort values to fit your needs.

Where and how do i Edit these Values Is it in the map file reg. ini file ??? Hope someone can steer me in the rite direction… Thanks Happy Holidays
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Hello neighbor. :icon_smile:

Please post the URL of the weather map you are referring to. I’m really not sure which one you are referring to.

Or a link to the “Aug 2007 post C&P” that you referenced.

:lol: I think I found the posting you are referring to. Good grief, why would you listen to that guy?? :iconbiggrin:

There are two approaches to adjusting the values to your location:

  1. If you know the latitude and longitude of your location simply change the values in the map’s URL.

  2. If you don’t know those values it’s a trial and error approach. You adjust one or both, refresh the the page, see how close you are then repeat the process. As you get closer to your location you will need to add zooming in to see exactly where you are. It took me at least half an hour to tweak my URL but if I zoom in, it’s centered on my driveway. :thumbright:

There are no entries or files other than the URL.


How to add Lat & Long.

Thanks ED :icon_smile: for your fast reply to my post…ED :icon_smile: I
did find Map Manager,but still do not know where or how to Edit the “URL”
FOR the 600 mile Doppler Radar Map :???: IS there a different program
that i use or is Note Pad??? Bear with me i never did this Before (did not no you could open and edit a URL) “DUH” anyway Thanks…Just send mein the rite direction… :thumbright:

Nope, nothing extra needed, no Map Manager, no Notepad, just time. And your browser.

Open the URL in your favorite browser. Dbl clicking on the link in the posting will do it. Then in the Address box move your cursor to the right until you see the Lat and Long parms then change their values and click on Go. The map will refresh and you start again until the center is on your house.

As I noted previously, it can take MANY minutes to do this. :iconbiggrin:

Once you find the values you want, or if you get tired, add the modified URL to your Favorites. You don’t want to loose all your efforts.

Maybe this will help.

This is the URL you are referring to, yes?

[size=2] … Start=true [/size]

You change the

&lat=43.0000&long=-77.0000 values to maybe be


then click on Go and see how close you are.

You then change the

&lat=43.5000&long=-75.0000 values to be


then click on Go and see how close you are.

Keep repeating the process.

If you tell me your ZIP code I’ll give you values that will put you close.

Yes ED :icon_smile: That is what i was looking for…And yes i do have my
Home QTH (Oop’s Amateur Radio Ling-go) Lat. & Long.
OK one more question if you don’t mind?? How did you get the URL…i DID try Edit in Map-Manager and Rite click on the URL In Maphistory.ww

Thanks i will let you how make out Editing the Lat. & long… :thumbright:

I’m not sure where I got it initially. It’s not in the maps.ww file that WW installs.

Once you get it to be what you want add it to WW using the Map Manager’s Add button. Once added you have to open it at least once to get it added to the MapsHistory.ww file. If you don’t you will loose access to it from WW the next time WW is updated since the updates replace the maps.ww file, but not the Map History file.

BTW If you have the URL in the WW MapHistory.ww file already you can use Notepad to change it’s Lat & Long values. I’m just not sure when the changes would take effect, whether immediately or after a recycle of WW.

Hi ED :icon_smile: Bin working on the URL you gave in the last post,i copy and pasted,Edited the &Lat and the &Long for my Home…All i get is a blank screen (no map) Did this many times,even tried your URL WITH EDITING and still the same, no map…Anyway here is my ZIP…13459…
Don’t no what i did wrong ??? I won’t give up and will keep trying…OH!!
I DID shut down WW. and did reboot a few times,also waited for the Map to update by its self… :mad: :cool: :lol:

This should put you in the neighborhood. :wink:



Not sure what you were doing wrong but do note that the LONG value has a negative sign in front of it and both values are not in the standard format.



While the 26a version handles swf maps, the 26s version does not.


Or at least not if it’s the 11th entry in the MapsHistory.ww file. When I deleted an upper entry then the swf entry worked.

I had copied the 11 entry history file from my 26a desktop machine to my 26s notebook and recycled WW. The bottom entry was not listed, I thought it was related to the type of entry rather than it’s position on the list.

Would you be interested in clarifying?

No, not so much. :iconbiggrin:

My MapHistory.ww file has 11 entries. The .swf entry is nbr 11 on the list. When I Right click on the WW icon and select Map History I get a window showing 10 entries. If I edit the file in Notepad and delete an entry above the .swf entry and recycle WW then it shows up in the Map History window.



I believe the history is only supposed to display (up to) 10 maps. That at least explains why 11 are in your file and only 10 are being displayed. I don’t think the map type matters in this case.

Hi ED :icon_smile: Me again i did edit the URL to my drive way with the LAT.and Long.(GPS)…The URL GOES To the web site but comes up with Error on the page (all 4 URL’S) are the same…at frist i thought it was me…I
the started from scratch and your URLS…Same Thing. The error stated Line: 1 char: 1 Error: Object Expected code:0 then the URL…

No picture just a blank page with the ! sign. I Tryed a few things on the URL ,But had no luck… Thanks Merry Christmas… :???: :iconbiggrin:

The error your describing sounds like a WW map error rather than a URL error.

Post the contents of your Map.wtp file. It’s a text file and can be opened with Notepad. Post it using Code tags.

Thanks forthe quick responce,here is a c&p of the map.wtp file…

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sorry ED :icon_smile: Don’t no what code tags are??? ART :eek:


Post the Wmp.html file. Use Notepad to open it and the code tags to post it.

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE></TITLE></HEAD><BODY STYLE="background:#FFFFFF; margin: 0px 0px 0px; overflow=hidden;" onResize='zoomMap();' onLoad='zoomMap();'><IMG NAME="map" SRC=""><script language=javascript>function zoomMap(){var WinHeight;var WinWidth;WinWidth = window.innerWidth;if (WinWidth==null) WinWidth=document.body.clientWidth; WinHeight=window.innerHeight; if (WinHeight==null) WinHeight=document.body.clientHeight;;;}</script></BODY></HTML>

ED :icon_smile: When i view this file the picture comes up fine???

This URL does the same as the one i edited,goes to web site but comes up with Error on page (Blank Screen) … Start=true

Thanks ART

I have no problem opening either the wmp.html file or link that you posted. However, they bring up two totally different maps.

Can you post your MapHistory.ww file? Another text file that you can open with Notepad.

What version of WW did you say you’re running?

In looking at the map.wtp file that you posted there appears to a space at the begining of the file, which could cause the problem. Can you edit the posting with the map.wtp code to use the code tags so it’s easier to read? And check that the actual map.wtp file to ensure there is no leading space?