How about adding options for different sources


So… What Ive found is that data feeds have this great habit of being unavailable during periods of heavy storm unactivity… Unfortunately, that is when most people would be checking the weather and looking for an accurate forecast… is notorious for this…

Have you considered integrating options for obtaining weather data from alternate sources within the program and allowing the user to select one? WeatherPOP on the Mac does this, and I realize it woould entail additional programming to adjust for the different data, but I think it would be better having an option for a reliable source… I know, for example, that WeatherPOP gives the option for obtaining data from, weatherundergound, USA Today, and I think one or two others…

Have you considered adding this ability in a future release?


I second that idea. For example, there is a city that is not in the list, but there are other xml feeds that have it. It would be nice if we could choose different feeds.