Hourly Tab Behaving Oddly

The hourly tab of the main WW window seems to be losing track of days.

Please see the attached screen shot I took the other day.
After 11 PM Saturday it goes to 1 AM Saturday.


I took this screen shot just now.
It is displaying similar issues.


That’s the result of the Daylight Savings Time shift. Don’t forget to change your clocks :wink:

The DST change should result in the time jumping an hour but not the date repeating. Sat 11:00PM to SUN 1:00AM is understandable not Sat 11:00PM to SAT 1:00AM.

And DST shifts are at 2:00AM NOT 12:00AM.

I didn’t catch the date when I first looked at it. I don’t see that problem now, so I’m assuming it was an issue with the data.

It’s working as expected now.
The Sunday to Monday transition and Monday to Tuesday transition are fine.

But worth keeping an eye on the Saturday to Sunday transition when it comes around again. :icon_smile: