Homepage will not load

Hi everybody.
This is my first time here and the first time I’m using W/W so please
go easy if you see I’m making a silly mistake.
After installing Vers.5.6.8 (neat programme by the way) and completing all personal preference adjustments, I have the problem that when starting, the Homepage shows for a second and then disappears to leave a blank white square. When I right-click the tray icon the menu appears normally and I can use the prog. as usual unless I try to go to the homepage, then the problem reoccures. Although my firewall and spyware progs. are set to accept W/W, I have tried with both switched off - no difference!! What am I doing wrong? :roll:


Why version 5.6.8 rather than 5.6.9?

Can you access http://www.weather.com directly with IE?

I assume by “homepage” you mean the forecasts? If you change to a different forecast skin do you still have the problem?

I’ve updated to 5.6.9 made a new start and checked the weather.com link - ok. Everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks. :wave: