Hello…my WW dosn t working…
I dont have any temperature or othing…all I give is message:“Error!Server not found!” - when I downloading weather data…so pls can you tell me where is the problem?

rocker, please see the following post: … PIC_ID=662

Thx Mike…i solved the problem!

my WW v5.6 Beta 3 doesn’t working since 06/17/05. I was thinking that the problem were general because the message :“Error!Server not found!” also appeared by rocker.

The solution were in Internet Explorer Options where unchecking the option “Usar ftp pasivo” is solved the problem and I’m now 33 degrees -Celsius- in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) 15 hours 20’. The same day I’ve checked this one for other problem/experiment :wink:

Do you understand my very bad english?
Thank you

Regards (Saludos cordiales)