Help wanted

I’m using Weather Watcher Live (Beta)

I try to explain my probs. with pictures

1)sunrise and sunset times are wrong,(1 hour difference between the real time) [[ corrects are sunrise 6:08 // sunset 8:27 ]]

3)(Adnan Mendere) is deficient… its true name is ““adnan menderes””

2)In this satellite map,the arabian peninsula is showing, ı am living in türkiye(turkey)

ı m going to show you below picture

but my city izmir isnt in the map…

what can ı do to correct these problems???

Edit: ı found a new one

[[ night&sunny ]]

1) This is an issue with WeatherBug’s data. They are working to resolve it.

2 & 3) These are data quality issues, rather than issues with the Weather Watcher Live code. Please contact WeatherBug support at It would probably be helpful if you link them back here to your post.

3) While you’re waiting for WeatherBug to fix the name, you can manually edit it on your end by clicking the “Edit Station…” button in the “Stations” tab of the Weather Watcher Live window.

Last Issue) I checked the weather for your station and it seems to be displaying okay right now. Is it displaying correctly for you too right now?

I only correct third problem which about the station name

Other problems are still continuing…

ı found this problem

  1. wind speed is always shown as “0”

What did have to say?

ı just found bugs.and say to product owner to resolve or help

but everybody get angry… what should ı do? 1- dont use wwl or use with bugs
ı think your meaning is that…


ı choose the first // uninstall wwl from my pc

I guess the important point is that you’re using a freeware software product written and supported by a single person i[/i]. Sure, I could personally contact WeatherBug everytime someone discovers an error in their data… that wouldn’t leave much time for development though. I don’t mind helping out, but there is only so much that one person is physically able to do :neutral: