Good morning! Friends,

I use Weather Watcher 5.6.6.

My Operating system Windows XP Professional, with SP2, updated for the last time on March 25, 2006. Firewall of Windows, Antiv?rus Avast Home and AntiSpyware Microsoft all updated.

Until the date of March 29, 2006, Weather Watcher updatings came being done usually, starting from that date I don’t get more to update the software. Appears the message: “ERROR: SERVER NOT FOUND!”.
Until that date it perfectly worked well. Updating 4 times a day.
I already tried all of the steps that are in Help, I also already tried to update after incapacitating all the protectors (Antivirus, Antispy, Firewall).
I already uninstalled completely Weather Watcher and after reset in the equipment reverse-installed again, and it continues in the same way not updating. I inform that I downloaded of the software before reverse-installing.
I don’t also have access to the address: View this forecast at the page cannot be exhibited."
The one that stranger is that this has also been happening in other Computer that I possess.
In none of the two computers I am getting to update the climatic conditions.
Even when trying to add a new city and for visualization of the map, appears the same message: ERROR: SERVER NOT FOUND!
Mother: Intel
Processor Intel 3.2Ghz
Memory ram 3Gb
HD 200Gb
Domestic net: Windows
No Proxy.
No new software was installed in that period.
I already verified the: … PIC_ID=662, didn’t also give right.
I thank any help. In case I have success will inform the correct procedure again.
Thank you very much
William do Amaral

William do Amaral

Wow! You’re very thorough in your description of the problem William. [:)]

I don’t think the problem is a Weather Watcher problem based on your statement “I don’t also have access to the address: View this forecast at the page cannot be exhibited.”. Weather Watcher gets it’s data from and if you are unable to access it manually then Weather Watcher can’t access it programmatically. You have to resolve the problem of accessing first.

I can not imagine any antispyware / antivirus / firewall software intentionally restricting access to but those are the only things that I can think of that would stop access to a particular site. Check the logs of each such application you are running for references to

Also check IE’s security settings. IE>Tools>Internet Options>Security>Restricted sites>Sites do you see listed?

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

ED, I thank his readiness for a ready answer.

I followed their orientations:
“Options of the Internet”
In Reliable Sites, it is striped like “Reliable Site.”
In “Actions of Privacy for Site” is striped as having “Allowed.”
The configurations in “Assaults” are Default of Windows.
In “Restricted Sites” it is in white, any striped site.

The one that I find strange is the fact of until the 29 he to turn perfect, and after that date it didn’t allow any new updating. Had never tried to access
I also already tried to disconnect of the Net the two equipments and to connect each one separately accessing the internet of every time, the same happens so much in band releases, as with dialed line. The worst is that they are two computers, I don’t believe in configuration, once the last updating was on the 25 as I already mentioned, and the weather continued updating until the 29.
In one of the computers, I totally uninstalled the software, and I made the reverse-installation, now him nor it identifies the City.
The other equipment doesn’t identify new cities.
Weather is also allowed in Antispyware and in the Firewall.
I thank once again.

William do Amaral

Some automatic update; antivirus, antispyware, firewall, Windows, could have occurred on the 29th causing the problem.

Are you able to pull up any website in IE?, Are you able to access the web using a different browser?

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Friend EDP,

Using Mozilla - Fire Fox, ( the page still doesn’t carry, even after incapacitating the protections: Antispyware of Windows, Avast Home and the Firewall of Windows.
In Mozilla it always appears the following message: “The site can be unavailable or very busy. Try again in some instants.”
I already tried several times during the day yesterday and today in the morning.
Once again, thank you very much.

William do Amaral

Well then if you can’t get to with Firefox I think we can conclude that the problem is not a Weather Watcher problem.

Or are you trying to go to a specific URL such as this? … l/BRXX0372
</font id=“size1”>
In which case I suggest you try a different location. It could be a problem rather than a problem with your pc.

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

Hello EDP,

The addresses that I have been trying to access are:

  2. … l/BRXX0372
    in both it begins to carry and soon soon afterwards appears the following message “Page cannot be exhibited” (in IE and in Firefox).

I don’t believe to be a problem of, I have a friend in the City that has Weather installed in his PC and him updates usually, how many times a day they are necessary.

I believe that the problem owes if it finds in Phone Co. with the sign transposition and connection with the Internet. In spite that don’t have problems of accessing any other Site that is, all usually open. That is what leaves me, using a Brazilian slang, “bitten.”

I find very unlikely 2 PC’s present the same problem in the same date, in the way how it came here with me.

Today I intend to take my PC until that friend’s residence and to try of there to make the connection and the updating.

I need to go eliminating all of the possibilities.

For the time being mine thank you very much.
Therefore more return with an answer positive or negative. I don’t intend to give up, therefore today that challenge will be able to auxiliary more some user in the future.

William do Amaral

Good luck William. I do hope you find the cause of the problem.

From what you’ve told us I don’t think it’s residence related. I think it’s linked to some software that you have on both pcs that your friend doesn’t have on his. It will be interesting to find out what it is.

We are all looking forward to hearing what you find. I know I am. [:)]

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

I wondered if you might have tried pinging, to see if it’s a browser related problem?
Or do you maybe have an ip blocker?

Just an idea…

Friend EDP, good afternoon!

I think you are right

After tests made in another connection of the Internet the result was the following message:
“The connection was canceled
The connection was canceled by the servant while the page was carried.
The site can be unavailable or very busy. Try again in some instants.”
I already eliminated the mistake possibility because of the connection with the Internet.
My friend’s PC continues updating. He possesses the same protections, the only configuration difference between my PC and the one of him is the Antivirus, mine is Avast Home and the one of him is AVG.

I will research everything again in my PC and to see if I get to discover some thing.

Friend Fl?gger, good afternoon!

If you help me I can try to accompany his thought.
That I know, I don’t have blocker of IP, the ping executed and it presented the following resulted below. I don’t know if it is that that is speaking. If it doesn’t go that please explains the road that care for here.

Ping for my IP:
bytes=32 time <1ms TIL=128
Package: Correspondents = 4,
Received = 4,
Lost = 0 (0% of loss),

Do you know how the configuration is in the Registration of Windows?
Could some be alteration in the Registration of Windows?

I found in the Registration of Windows:
In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM: “Services \ SharedAccess \ Parameters \ FirewallPolicy \ AuthorizedApplications \ List”:
C:\Arquivos de programas\Weather Watcher\dl.exe
C:\Arquivos Watcher\dl.exe:*:Enabled:dl.exe

C:\Arquivos Watcher\ww.exe
C:\Arquivos de programas\Weather Watcher\ww.exe:*:Enabled:Weather Watcher

In the HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1614895754-1060284298-682003330-1003 \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ New Windows \ Allow \ *. \ binary value 0000 (binary value of null length).

Thank you very much.

William do Amaral

The entries you list relate to Weather Watcher. Your problem is more wide spread than that.

You need to find what is issuing this msg:

“The connection was canceled
The connection was canceled by the servant while the page was carried.
The site can be unavailable or very busy. Try again in some instants.”

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

Friends, good morning!

Today, when opening Weather again, the program is turning round, updating everything eats if it swims had happened, in 2 PC’s.

I get in all of PC’s to access all of the sites of Weather and to update Weather Watcher, that is the best and more complete software about the climatic conditions for me.

Nothing was not altered of the original configurations of 2 PC’s. That might only have been a problem of transposition of sign of the Internet by Phone Co.</font id=“red”>

They are things of Brazil, after all a Country that changes until Pope’s name, any for thing can be waited.

For the time being I thank all the effort that you intended to help me.
The concern and the service of his Technical Support is really excellent and with the whole certainty if the problem didn’t have if resolved alone, you would go with me until the end, for that I only have to thank. Excuse to do them to suffer with my Brazilian-English.

thank you very much to all. [:)][:)][:)]

William do Amaral

Thanks for the update William. Always like happy endings. [:)]

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

If it helps any, I am getting the same message (Server not found)since updating to 5.6.7 this morning. Nothing has changed with my computer, the prior version worked fine yesterday.

I also noticed that the Check for newer version function does not work, it just says that it failed.

Hello tbenedict.

Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the new version of WW.exe or DL.exe from accessing the 'net. Also check your av logs for the same two programs.

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