Hi Mike, I live en Buenos Aires, Argentina and I use your Weather Watcher (5.5e). Really is very good.
Today, I try to found Guatemala, capital of Guatemala country with the Add New City option, but I have not result.
Why? Is not the city in the database program?
(Sorry my bad english)

In Spanish: Vivo en Buenos Aires, Argentina y uso su creaci?n, el software Weather Watcher (5.5e). Es realmente muy bueno. Hoy, trate de encontrar Guatemala la capital de Guatemala, pa?s de CentroAmerica, pero la busqueda no dio resultados positivos. ?Por que? ?No esta la ciudad en la base de datos del programa?

Mike, more about Guatemala…
I found with the search city options Jutiapa, Guatemala and the report is OK (I think) but the temperature not change in my Icon Tray.

Here is a list of cities for Guatemala: … oCdChild=1

What do you see when you hold your mouse over the Weather Watcher system tray icon? Do you see the weather for you current city?

Thanks for the list Mike; the icon tray’s temperature for Jutiapa is now the correct one.[:)]