Grouping and Sorting

Hi Mike.

Thank you for your beautiful piece of work and your time spent on it, making it free to all PPC users.

I have currently installed it on my O2 IIi running on WM 2003 SE.

Feedback - I found out that I am not able to do an update from my home PC which is running thru wireless network. It would say No internet connection found or something like that, but I am able to update from my office PC using USB cable.

Feedback/Suggestion - Under the ‘Menu’ -> ‘Change Active City’, it will be good to see the cities sorted. It will be even better if there are main groups like ‘Europe’, ‘Asia’, etc and under each group, I see the cities names. And by the way, is it better to have the city codes listed in a different sub-menu call City Codes, rather than seeing it along with the city name list ?

Thanks !

Best Regards,
Ricky (from Singapore)