Had to uninstall WW as it would freeze my computer on a regular basis, Not for long, but regularly.
Since I uninstalled it, no more freezes. I was using the lastest build that I got from this forum yesterday on WinXP.

Do you have any idea which process from the Task Manager was maxing out your CPU?

Not exactly as everything would freeze but there were three processes from WW and until they “exited” the task mgr, the freeze was on.

If you decide to give it another try, I’d be interested in knowing exactly which process was freezing (ww.exe or dl.exe).

Did you try Weather Watcher Live? I’m wondering if you’ll experience the same results.

I would suspect either very limited RAM, causing swapping which can be a slow process, or a slow Internet connection, which hangs up the weather update.

Of course an over aggressive AV or AS app can slow things down also.