Forecasts out of sync!!

Today is Thursday and it’s about 4:30pm. Weather Watcher’s Current Forecast is fine. It’s Daily Forecast is fine also. But the Hourly Forecast starts at FRIDAY 12PM and the Detailed Forecast starts at FRIDAY also.

BTW The link at the bottom of the Current Forecast page brings up a blank page. The URL it points to is[/url]. The Bookmark I use for’s webpage is [url=] … l/USNY1232

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I get “Local Forecast for Rochester, NY” on the first link and “Schoolday Forecast for Rochester, NY” on the second. Both links working.

I haven’t noticed the out of sync you described…what I have noticed for some time is after 11PM the detailed forecast seems to get confused on what day it is. For example, this is Thursday…after 11 tonight (CDT), the detailed forecast no longer begins with Thursday night, but Friday night (skips Friday day altogether). It rights itself sometime during the early morning hours after 2AM (that’s as late as I’m willing to check*). Strange, but true!


*I need my beauty sleep…man oh man do I need it!

Hey Bill.

The links are working for me now also. Strange.

I’ve recycled WW and the Hourly Forecast is still starting at 12:00PM Friday, yet it’s early Friday AM. The Daily Forecast starts with Thursday AM and a Hi/Lo reading of N/A for the morning entry. The Detail Forecast hasn’t changed, still starting with Friday, but is now the correct entry.

With all these problems I wonder if there will be a recall of WW? Or a discount on the next release! [;)]


Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”> was having some trouble with their data. It happens sometimes.

Well, it’s after 5:00pm on Friday and the Weather Watcher Hourly Forecast is STILL starting at Friday 12:00PM. The Hour-by-Hour Forecast on starts at 6:00PM.

The other Weather Watcher forecasts seem to be Ok.

BTW The WW Daily Forecast cleared itself up, date wise, about 3:00AM. Don’t ask me how I know that. [;)] Seems like WW needs to check what Time Zone (TZ) the client is in and adjust the Forecasts accordingly. The’s TZ appears to be the Pacific TZ.

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Maybe it’s your city? My city is showing the proper data in all forecasts.

I see the same thing when I switch to a site in Virginia. Even if I recycle WW.

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Give me an example of a city you tried and I’ll give it a try.

This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

It’s now Sat and I changed the WW location to Surgut, Russia. WW’s Hourly and Detailed Forecasts still start with FRIDAY 12:00PM. However, I’ve also noticed that the Location shown at the top of those two Forecasts is NOT Surgut, Russia but Rochester, NY!!

And weirder.

If I start 5.6b7 the window headings have the same problem but the Detailed Forecast starts with Sat evening and the Hourly Forecast starts with 4:00AM Sat which is a lot closer than 12:00PM Fri but the clock here shows 9:57AM.

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How about my city (Harrisburg, PA)?

Current & Daily reflect Harrisburg, PA, the other two Rochester, NY. And Detailed & Hourly Forecasts start at FRIDAY, the latter at 12:00PM.

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Could this be a problem rooted in browser caching? Or even ISP caching?

Ed</font id=“blue”>, I have tried to duplicate what you’re seeing but no can do. Just for the heck of it, do a Ctrl-F5 refresh while WW is your active window. That should force your browser and your ISP to reload fresh page data.


EdP, whatever the case, it sounds like a problem on your end. I’m just not sure to tell you what to check. Did you at least check that all of the forecasts are checked in the “On Download” section of the Weather Watcher Options?

[i]Originally posted by Mike Singer[/i]
[b]EdP[/b], whatever the case, it sounds like a problem on your end. I'm just not sure to tell you what to check. Did you at least check that all of the forecasts are checked in the "On Download" section of the Weather Watcher Options?
[:I] I'll be dipped!! [:0]

The “On Download” tab shows only the Current and Daily Forecasts as being checked! I enabled the other two, refreshed the Forecasts and lo and behold, problem solved.

Thanks Mike. [:)]

I don’t recall changing those settings but I can’t imagine anyone else doing it either so… [:I]

Good call Michael!! Thanks again. [8D]</font id=“size2”>

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BTW A suggestion, for a future release:

If a particular forecast is not selected to be downloaded, display something other than an old forecast when it is selected to be viewed.

At least change the title to be INACTIVE or OLD DATA or something. [;)]

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I am thinking about removing that tab from the options and just downloading all of the forecasts by default. The data files are much smaller than they were when I first wrote Weather Watcher, so that feature is pretty much useless now.

It may be of more use to people on dialup, especially in Europe where they pay by the minute. And so long as there is a reminder or flag or indicator that an option is off when a Forecast is not selected when the Forecast is viewed… [:I]

Oh, I have an idea, if a Download Forecast option is deselected, remove the corresponding icon from the menu. Solves the problem, prevents confusion, perfectly logical.

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That use to be an issue when the data files were huge. I think it would be more useful for those people who are paying per data use to configure the auto update feature, or just manually retrieve the weather when the want to look at it.

Removing the icons would be an OK idea, but future Weather Watcher interface skins will no doubt mix data from all of the forecasts, which is why it would be a good idea to download all of the forecasts everytime the weather is retrieved.

Thoughts anyone?