Forecasts not accurate in WW Live

Hi - briefly, I have been trying WW Live for about three weeks. However, although I like the interface, the weather forecasts have NOT been accurate at all, and yet the older WW is consistently more accurate and in line with those of our local TV station in Albuquerque. And the latter also features Weatherbug, which I believe WW Live also features. Yet the WW Live version of Weatherbug gives different forecasts than either the regular WW or the local TV station.

Please track down this bug - for now, I will go back to the regular WW.

In all events, thanks for your hard work over the past years. Our zip is 87109, by the way, in case you wish to check the various forecasts.

Do you have a specific example? If so, please post some screenshots.

Screenshots - WWL vs WW

Hi Mike - I just re-installed WWL so I could do a comparison and screen shots. I don’t see where I can upload a document (I have a word document with both screen shots), so I’ll see if this window will allow pasting .jpg images. In terms of present temperature for zip 87109, the two programs are only one degree apart - but for the forecasts for the next two days, they are 7 and 5 degrees different for Saturday (day) and Sunday (day) respectively. I have seen as much as a 10-12 degree difference when I had WWL installed continually. I hope this helps you. I liked WWL’s appearance better but its temp’s pretty consistently seemed lower than what the local TV forecast. The temps forecast in the regular WW seemed closer to what we saw in the TV forecast.

Something to keep in mind – your local TV station is most likely not using WeatherBug data, so the forecasts will vary.

I compared the Weather Watcher Live data against what is being displayed at While the two should match, is displaying temperatures that more closely match’s forecasts. It kind of seems like the daily data that is being fed into Weather Watcher Live is a little delayed.

I’ll contact WeatherBug and see if they have any ideas as to why there is a difference between the two.

Albuquerque Temp

Here is the link to our channel 4:
I note their forecast high for our northeast heights (zip 87109) is the same as what the regular WW shows (within a degree). And I just checked with also - it shows the same as regular WW (within a degree or so). So I suspect you’re right - the data you’re getting to your WWL from Weatherbug just isn’t “in synch.” Of course, I have no clue about the tech aspects. I am sorry this is getting to be such a headache for you, since your idea with WWL seems very good. Thanks for your efforts.

I have been running both for a couple months. WW is always more accurate than WW Live. I like the WW Live for its look and feel, but always go with the forecasts of WW. Why can’t WW Live use the same forecasting source as WW?

… because does not have live weather data.