Forecast updates hang


Yesterday and today.

With 5.6.18 and 5.6.21?. The latter on a nb, the former on a desktop. The Download window hangs. Purging DL.exe and retrying Update button no effect. Shutting down WW and restarting, no effect.

Shutting down WW and reverting to 5.6.14, no problem updating.

BTW That’s WW.exe 5.6.14 with 5.6.18’s DL.exe.

Same issue here I think. Using 5.6.21. Hangs on “Downloading weather data.” Just noticed it today for the first time, but I wasn’t home much yesterday to observe. It did update earlier this morning but I haven’t been able to update it in over 2 hours now.

A couple other observations. Weather Watcher appears to have Internet connectivity because it is able to check for latest version without issue. Also, I am able to look up the weather information on without any difficulty.

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium for the past 6 weeks. This is the first time I had an issue with Weather Watcher.


Same problem here with latest version, 5.6.21.

I’m running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

I use weather map as Windows Desktop, WW updates the map ok no problem, just hangs on updating other details with 2 instances of dl.exe running. WW also uses 40% CPU while both dl.exe hang. It’s a P4 2.6G HT CPU.

I was not aware of this problem before updating to latest version.


I should add that I have no problem accessing data on directly with IE.

Just uninstalled 5.6.21, installed 5.6.18, problem went away!

And now both systems and versions are working. It would appear to have been a problem. It’s too bad dl.exe doesn’t error out with a msg when there is a access problem.

Yeah, it’s working for me now again too. If it was a problem, very strange that it would work in older Weather Watcher versions but not the latest. Also, accessing the information using Internet Explorer worked fine. In any case, Weather Watcher certainly shouldn’t hang when trying to download data. If anything, it should error out.


Unforunately just because the www, webpage comes up doesn’t mean the WW data source comes up. For data uses And I agree an access problem should error out so the end user knows where the problem lies.