Forecast Skin Crash

I’m sorry if this has already been addressed. WW 5.6.7 and a few previous versions crash when I change the forecast skin to “splendid”. I get a “Unable to load with current settings” type of message.

Does the msg say specifically what dll or file it is unable to load?

It sounds like an IE or XP security setting. Are you using a limited access account rather than an administrator account? Can you scan to all the WW folders using Windows Explorer?

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The error message reads “Run Time Error 365 Unable to unload within this context”. I am the administrator on this computer. I don’t really understand your last question about scanning the Weather Watcher folders.

I also wanted to mention that today when I scanned my computer with AdAware I recieve one critical object and ironically it pointed to the splendid skin in the Weather Watcher folder as the culprit. Here’s the log:

obj[0]=IECache Entry : Cookie:default@local/C:/Program%20Files/Weather%20Watcher/Skins/Forecasts/Splendid/

I don't really understand your last question about scanning the Weather Watcher folders.
Not "scanning", [u]accessing[/u]. If you had a limited user account you might not be able to access the folders, either directly (WE) or indirectly (WW), but since you have an admin account, and know what it is even, that's not a concern.

WW Splendid does indeed use cookies to remember the thermometer and display settings. You may want to add them to Adaware’s Exclusion list, they, as all cookies, are hardly critical objects.

What else do you have running when you try to switch skins? If you do a reboot and try to switch skins immediately after WW refreshes, and before opening any other apps, do you still get the error?

I assume that you’re running with the Classic forecast skin?

Do you have a lot of tmp files in your XP TEMP folder? Delete them. Reboot. That may help.

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I figured that AdAware was over-reacting a bit. Aside from my ISP and various Windows services, I usually have these particular programs running all the time: Firefox, Free Ram XP, Avast Antivirus, Zone Alarm, and Windows Defender. I tried to switch skins immediately at reboot and it did not help. And yes I’m using the classic skin as it’s the only one that will work. It’s really not a big deal that I can’t use the Spendid skin I just wondered if this was a common error.

[i]Originally posted by DrRock[/i]
The error message reads "Run Time Error 365 Unable to unload within this context".
I've seen this too. It's always been popping up at random times for me though. I cannot figure out how to reproduce it.

It’s ok. I can live with the “classic” skin. Thanks for a great program.


Ok, lets try some things.

Within the Classic skin, open the Hourly view, then attempt to switch to the Splendid skin. Does that work for you?

Within the Splendid folder, make a copy of the Current.wtp file. Then to the “live” Current.wtp file change:

Delete line 2 - the saved from line
Put a “//” at the front of line 102 - document.cookie line
Put a “//” at the front of line 180 - document.cookie line

save the file. Within WW try to switch to the Splendid skin’s Current view again.

Let us know what happens.


DrRock seems to be able to reproduce this consistently, what can you have him do to help you debug this? Are there any VB error logs he can send to you?

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DrRock, do you see that error message everytime you switch to the Splendid skin, or are there times when it works okay?

Ok, I tried Ed’s suggestions and that didn’t work. But I wanted to mention that I just discovered the crash happens when I switch back and forth between the splendid and classic forecast skins not just the splendid skin. And yes, it always crashes when I switch forecast skins. But after the initial one-time crash it doesn’t crash again on the next startup.

DrRock, before switching your skin next time, try deleting the following file:

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Interface\Splendid\Trans.dat

I deleted the trans.dat file and WW still crashed when I tried to switch skins.

DrRock, which skin are you switching to/from, or doesn’t it matter either way?

At first I thought that it was only happening when switching from the classic forecast skin to the splendid skin but now I see it’s also vice versa. WW just doesn’t like when I switch the forecast skin at all.

DrRock, is it happening with the forecast skins or the interface skins? I have only ever seen that error message when switching the interface skin.

I have tried switching every other type of skin within the program. The only one that crashes WW is the forecast skin.