Forecast not updating

I have an interesting problem. I installed the new version of WW, and I can’t get the forecast pages to change. The system tray and the tooltip both display the correct data, but all of the forecasts and the current conditions just display the same page that was the very first one for the program to receive. I’ve tried manually updating the weather data, changing the active city, closing the program, and restarting my computer, and nothing has worked. I love the software, and I want to keep using it! [:)]

Still not working. Any ideas, Mike?

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Try other another city… like Harrisburg, PA. I’m guessing that the weather information isn’t available for your city. If Harrisburg, PA shows the same results, then there is probably a problem somewhere.

Nope, I still have the problem. For Collegeville, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Ithaca, NY, I always get the correct temp., wind, etc. in the tooltip and system tray but just the same forecast (from September 25!) in the main window. The only way to get the main window to update is to reinstall it.

After reinstalling, how long does it run OK before you run into the same problem of the window not updating?

Anthus what are the date/time stamps associated with the html files in …\Weather Watcher\Skins\Forecasts\Classic folder? Are they all the same? What are the Properties of the Detailed.html file?

BTW Mike, a button or two that allows the client to bring up the Alert.html page would be a nice addition. Like when Right clicking the System Tray icon and in the Weather Weather window. [;)]