Forecast icons only rarely appear, but accessible from brows

Everything works fine, except most of the time the forecast icons (sun, clouds, etc) do not show, or only one or two show - only little red "x"s for most of them. If I right click them, check properties, copy & paste the address into a browser, the pictures always show up in the browser! Having done this in the browser, if you then right click and select “show picture”, it will show up. It seems like it’s a timeout problem or similar to me - the browser waits longer than weather watcher for the pictures to arrive, and once they’re cached locally, they show. But that’s just a wild guess. Any suggestions?

Which icons are you using? The Classic ones are downloaded from for each update. All the others are located on the hard drive in the Weather Watcher folder.

It was the classic icons. I’d never tried changing them. Having changed them, the alternatives work just fine, so I’ll stick with them. Thanks for the tip.

You’re welcome. Always like to hear happy endings. :icon_smile: