Forecast icons do not appear

in the latest version of 6112. Went back to 6110, they were there, updated to 6111, all ok, but when updating to 6112 they have been zapped. Slider works w/popup window, but no icons. What to do?

They show up fine for me.

pjgiv, which Forecast Icons do you have selected in the “Skins” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window? Do you notice any change if you update the weather?

Mike, I use the “Metro Consult” icons, but even tried changing that. Can’t get any of them to show. This is in the “NOW” view w/the icons on the bottom. Icons on the top are fine. Yes, I’m confused. :???:


After fighting this thing ALL DAY, finally gave up. Emailed Mike w/a screenie and conveyed by frustration to him. After just a few exchanges, he solved the problem by asking just a couple of questions. I had IE ver 6 installed, he told me that was the problem and to install either ver 7 or 8. After installing ver 7 w/all the updates all is back to normal. :D/

Had to post this for all to read in case it happens to someone else. BIG THANKS, Mike!

I didn’t think anyone still used IE6. Glad to see everything working for you now. :wink:

Don’t even use IE, Firefox is my default. IE6 came w/the software on the laptop when I bought it 3 years ago. Would never have guessed that was the problem, but like I said, all is well now. :slight_smile: