Forecast Download Problem

Weatherwatcher stopped properly downloading forecasts and weather for all the citys I have in it eg:
payette, id
ontario, or
seoul, south korea

When I go to it has forecasts for them weatherwatcher isn’t downloading them though…[:(]


Here is a JPG of what I am seeing


Yes, I got the same problem.
Cities i got are:

Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands and
Cologne, Germany.

[i]Originally posted by flipflipsen[/i]

Yes, I got the same problem.
Cities i got are:

Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands and
Cologne, Germany.

Same thing happened here for all cities. must have changed something.

Nevermind, it is working now.

here to

Ditto on “never mind”!

I have to say I’m getting annoyed with I used to have a personalized weather page (my weather) and I had a favorite to get to it. Now I have to log in every time so I can’t directly link to it. Let alone the fact they kept obsoleting my settings so I had to rebuild it every few weeks anyway.

OK, is working again here.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have no clue why this happens – It has something to do with the data coming from

thanks for the reply mike good to see developers actually answer questions so few do anymore

Problem regarding download of updates has returned! I’m getting the message ‘Error: Server Not Found!’

Any ideas? Is it just me?

Not working here since aroud 11:00am cdt. Server not found issue.

Sorry , meant to say that it hasn’t worked since 11:00am ctd yesterday, so no updates in over 24 hours.

A couple of months ago, I was given a peek of Weather Watcher by a friend and I downloaded a copy that day. It worked great and never had any problems. Then my computer crashed and I lost everything. I downloaded it again a few days ago and have had the same problem with all of my forcasts that is mentioned in this forum. It has not loaded any forcasts since I got it at all, not once. I was also having the “Run-Time Error 13” problem loading map locations mentioned on other posts, but that seemed to fix itself. Is there anything that can be done on the client-side to help work compatibly with the server?