Forecast Auto Update Rate

Can you create more than “every 2 hours” time intervals?
For example: 3,6 & 12! OR may be 3,4,5,6 & 12?

It’s possible. What would be the point?

Sorry, I don’t understand. What point?

Are you asking that I add a 3-hour, 4-hour, 5-hour, etc. interval? I was just wondering why someone would want to wait that long to auto-update the weather. Maybe I have your idea all wrong?

No, no, it’s allright. I try to explain my opinion.

  1. It’s good for slow internet connections (such as modem or GPRS).
  2. Economy, because traffic not always free and sometimes even very expensive (for example: GPRS-connection in Russia very slow and expensive).

Or maybe another way: separate update intervals for each type of weather forecast. “Current conditions” forecast updates hourly but all another updates per 12/24 hours.

Ah, I guess I’m just used to my Internet connection… the data is flowing freely [;)]

Is my suggestioon in TO-DO list? [;)]

For situations like Osmium describes it’s not a bad idea.

(It’s also one I don’t think anyone else offers either.) [:)]


I’ll add the additional time intervals. However, I’m not going to create a separate interval for each forecast. If I see more interest in it, I might add that feature at a later time.

Thanks, Mike!