Feels like N/A - can't add even one city

Just moved to Zimbabwe from Geneva and downloaded WW 5.6.25 to keep up with the weather worldwide. the software installed without any error messages, but when I tried to add my first city (Harare), it displayed the word “Searching…” for a while, then the city name went from grey type into regular and the word “Searching…” just sat there for as long as I had patience (3 minutes) and nothing further happened. I repeated with Geneva and the same thing happened. I reinstalled the software and started again, but with Geneva - no change. Can someone rescue me me from “Feels like N/A”?

I suspect something on the pc is preventing WW from accessing the 'net. It could be the AV, firewall, antispyware, a Proxy setting or it could be a local org’s network security setup.

Check the various security logs on the pc and the org’s tech support office.

BTW Posting your email address on the Internet is a sure way to attract lots of SPAM. Strongly recommend you remove it from the above posting ASAP!!!

No, ever this legendary satanistic pig :slight_smile: got this problem after the problem I reported in my other message. And WW is well configured on Windows firewall and there is no block log for it.

It look like in some conditions WW broke itself.

The problem I posted in my other post is really incredible!

Why WW keep asking for installing new maps at every app start?

Most firewalls and avs will block new versions of apps and WW has 3 programs that need 'net access.

If the Map file can’t be updated for some reason it will ask every time WW starts until it gets updated.