Export Question

Is there a list of what tags are available for the export function?

I’m looking for the wind direction tag.

Yes – check out the “Reference Information” --> “Template Codes” section of the Weather Watcher Live user guide. You can access the user guide from the “Help” menu item in the Weather Watcher Live system tray menu.

I’m not running Weather Watcher Live.

What is the wind direction tag and is there some other way to get the documentation?

Oh, my mistake then… I will move your post to the Weather Watcher Support forum…

The above instructions also apply to Weather Watcher. The user guide is installed with Weather Watcher, so you currently have everything you need.

Ok, I see where I tripped. The user guide is labeled ReadMe in the menu. I assumed, badly, that it was a readme and not the entire help file.

:-s I’m not seeing what you’re describing.

When I RIGHT cick on the WW tray icon I see an item for Help, http://www.postimage.org/aV1h_1hS.jpg which in turn opens a submenu of 4 items.

When I look in the WW install folder I see http://www.postimage.org/aV1i05DJ.jpg

Not that it really matters I guess since you found what you were looking for. :neutral: