Export file creation and use

Hi Everyone:
Just found this really neat program and need some help in exporting the data. I know the export file should be .html but that is about all. I really need a very very detailed description of creating, setting up and placing the file so that I may access it with a file called MixW. Can someone help this aged ham?

Bill in Las Cruces
W5UY :cool:

Weather data can be exported in any format (not just HTML).

I’ve never used MixW. If you can give me an example of the format it expects, I’ll provide you with instructions to export the data in that format.

Asistance with gettting files operational in MixW

Thanks for the assistance in getting a weather file setup for my program. According to the information I have about MixW, the files can either be txt files or ini files. The example shown in the program would give me a starting point. Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated.

Bill in Las Cruces

Please attach a sample MixW txt/ini file so I can see the format MixW is expecting.

I have no example. As far as I know, MIXW does not expect anything special—just an ordinary file. If you can give me enough information so that I can get the weather program to create the process to get the content, Ill see what I can do.



To enable the export feature, do the following:

1) Check the “Enable Exported” check box in the “Advanced” --> “Data Export” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

2) Set the “Export File Location” to the file path where MIXW expects to pick up the exported file. For example, “C:\Users\Bill\Desktop\test.txt”.

If MIXW is not able to read the data in the default format, then modify the Export Template as needed. Click the “Template Examples” button to see all available export tags.