WeatherWatcher used to work fine on my Dell x51v.

Now I consistently get “An unexpected error has occured in WeatherWatcher.exe.”

I have hard reset, soft reaset, reinstalled, etc. All to no help.

What should I do?

What has changed on your device since Weather Watcher Mobile stopped working properly? Did you upgrade the operating system? Did you install a conflicting application? Etc.

I did not upgrade the operating system. I still have WM5. I have many applications. I think they are the same ones.

I did hard rest the system. I have reinstalled. the WeatherWatcher.

Right… but, when it comes to computers, they only do what you tell them to do :icon_smile: It doesn’t sound like you installed a new version of Weather Watcher Mobile recently. It also sounds like Weather Watcher Mobile was running just fine for some period of time prior to seeing this error message. That said, it seems like something changed on your device.

Are you saying that you have made no changes on your device since installing Weather Watcher Mobile?

Can you reproduce that error message? In other words, does it always happen right after performing the same action in Weather Watcher Mobile?

I did a hard reset. Then restored a backup from Sprite backup. Then installed programs that were not present.

WW always gives this error when I try to start it. I cannot get past this error screen.

If I look for details it says:


at System.String.IndexOf()
at System.String.IndexOf()
at Microsoft.Win32.Registry.GetValue()
at WeatherWatcher.modMain.Main()

Did you try to uninstall and reinstall the .NET Compact Framework?

Try installing SP2 instead:

This was, of course, the answwer.

But I could not uninstall .net Framework.

The uninstall would not let me. It said other programs would not work.

It said to look at a URL, but the URL gave no help.

I could not install .NET 2.0 because it said to uninstall it first.

Then I removed my PDA from ActiveSync.

I was able to install SP2, but not uninstall .NET Framework.

WW worked fine then.