Error: The page cannot be displayed

Hello Mike,

I’ve been using WeatherWatcher, and for some reason the current conditions are no longer showing. Instead, I get the IE error page “The page cannot be displayed”. The other views are ok.

I tried refreshing the page, I tried selecting another city, but every time I try to retrieve the weather update, the current conditions page is not loading.

I’ve had this problem before on a previous version, and it was ‘resolved’ by installing the latest version. I’m now using 5.0.14, the most recent version. I’d reinstall now to see if that would do the trick, but I don’t have the setup file anymore, and download from your website failed.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this problem before or if you have an idea what’s causing this…For what it’s worth, I use Win2k Professional with Multilingual User Interface (MUI), my IE version is 6.0.2800.1106 with SP1.


I am having the same problem as of todays date[?][:(] must have changed their layout again. I will put a new update out tonight… probably around 10PM EST.

Timoneira – I’m not sure why you cannot access the Weather Watcher setup file? I just tried and it worked ok for me:

I know the constant program updates are a pain, but that is the only solution when makes changes to their site. I have a better plan for Weather Watcher v6.0… you’ll no longer have to download those updates [:D]

Weather Watcher v5.0.16 is out!

Hey thanks,

I installed the new version the next day, thanks for the quick response! I think the download problem I had at the time may have been due to the number of people accessing the site.


I had to block some files on my web site to cut the traffic down. The old versions of Weather Watcher were continuously hitting polling my web site… which was causing the traffic problem.


This is my 1st time trying Weather Watcher…

I just installed version 5.0.20 and I’m also getting the IE “page cannot be display” problem.



It should be up and working now. There were some problem this weekend because was down… or just very slow at times.