duplicated cities bug

Hello Mike and others,

  1. After some manip. (edit, add or remove but i don’t remember exactly), i have duplicated cities on exit WW 5.6.22
    Fortunately i’ve made a backup of ‘citycode.cmb’ :wink:

  2. If hide description values in tray tooltip (baloon) is checked, nothing is displayed :shock:


Lederf, here’s a fix for the second issue:
Download Weather Watcher 5.6.22a

Please let me know if you figure out how to replicate the first issue.

Thx Mike

For the 1rst point, i understand because i’m an old programmer (in C) and i know that is sometimes very difficult to reproduce exactly condition’s bug…

Sorry for the lack of details
It’s very difficult for me to explain in english (It’s sometimes already hard to explain in my own language :lol: )

Oups, it’s me yet :oops:

Could you add automaticaly the file extension (if not present!) to ‘log filename’ (ie: log.txt) or ‘export filename’ (ie: export.htm) ?

It’s not a problem for me but for newbies… :razz:

What if someone creates a file name with the extention they prefer, ie .log for log files to match those in the Windows folder, and html rather than htm? :???: Both options have a Browse button so maybe a default file in each case may aide the newbie?

[size=2](And while not a newbie, I didn’t add a file extention when I created my first Export file last fall. :oops: )[/size]


Lederf, thank you for the suggestion. I’ll see what I can come up with for a future release.

BTW, your English is much, much better than my French :icon_smile:


Me too :razz:

@Mike:Thx a lot !!! See you soon, perhaps for another small bug that i saw in the ‘Reset walppaper’ on exit WW. It ‘seems’ to have no effects on frenches computers :shock: 8-[ (And ‘bug’ already here in prior versions)
I must investigate…

I had the same duplicated city problem with 5.6.22

Hi Mike and everyone else.

I had discovered the same problem after I added a few cities and removed a few cities. In fact, I cleaned it up once, then added a few more cities and all those that were already there were duplicated once more.

I noticed the 5.6.22b recommened fix, but I download the new 5.6.23 instead and will give it a try.

Thanks for an excellent program that I use serveral times each day I have my computer turned on. I have installed this niffy program on many of my friend computers and recommend it on my website as well at http://www.lastchanceministries.com/desktop_weather.htm. You may removed the link if you do not allow links to be posted here.

All the best,

Walter, thank you for the links :cool: