Does not start with windows, must do so manually

Under options/general/miscellaneous, the check mark “Start Weather Watcher Live When Windows Starts” will not stay checked. Check it, close options and then reopen options and the check mark is gone. I must be missing something - any ideas? I did not have this problem with the old, standard version of Weather Watcher.

Are you clicking the “Apply” button before you close options?

Will not open with windows.

Yes, I sure am.

faloons, are you running any security-related software that manages your startup programs? It sounds like you’re running an application that is disabling WWL from starting with Windows.

WWLive will not autostart

Hi Mike,

I almost have it figured it out. The problem is AdAware/AdWatch which has Weather Watcher Live blacklisted (funny it works fine with the older version of WW). Now I just have to find out how I can remove it from the blacklist.


must start manually

OK, fixed (at least so far). My version of AdAware/AdWatch has listed as a url to block. Delete it from that list. Note that I did check to see why weatherbug was so listed and found that there was a time when it had a bad reputation (probably not deserved) for inserting lots of annoying adds. That no longer seems to be an issue and my guess is that newer releases of adaware no longer list weatherbug as a site to be blocked.

Re: must start manually

Yep – I believe most reputable adware scanners do not have WeatherBug listed.