Do not get severe weather alerts

Beginning with WW 5.6.11 and now with 5.6.16, I do not receive any weather alerts. Prior versions always did, but we are under a blizzard warning, a heavy snow warning, a high wind warning and my alert screen says: No alerts are available at this time. That’s all it ever says now. How can I get that function to work. I’ve gone through all the settings and didn’t recognize anything that would have turned it off (or needed to be turned on). It used to work fine until the upgrades. I’d be grateful for any help.

Which city are you using?

No alerts

I’m using the city I live in Oak Creek, WI which is what I’ve always done. It’s ten miles from Milwaukee

No alerts

I’m using the city I live in Oak Creek, WI

Well, I just tried your location and I got the alert. Unfortunately it’s probably one we’re going to have here in the not too distant further. :neutral:

On the Option’s Tray Icon tab do you have the Show tray balloon… option selected? And what skins are you using? And what version of Windows?

The tray icon has show tray balloon when new severe alert is retrieved checked.

I’m using the following skins (in order from the top) Splendid, Splendid, Classic, Classic, Classic

I have Windows XP SP2 on a one year old HP Pavilian. The weird part is that I used to get the alerts just fine. But the last couple of upgrades and it stopped.

I tried switching the city to Milwaukee but it didn’t work either.

It’s had me stumped because I see no reason for it not to work.

If it’s not due to some antivirus/antispyware/firewall relationship it’s probably due to something messed up in the WW settings in the Registry. And there is no easy way of resetting or deleting the Registry settings you will have delete them manually.

Are you comfortable editing the Registry? :-s Are you running any sw to prevent popups?

Virus and spyware clean. The only popup blocker is in Firefox and I tried turning it off with no change to WW.

I can edit the registry as long as I have clear instructions. I’m not techno phobic…smile. If it makes any difference, I just downloaded the newest version of WW today.

I await your instructions.


:-s I thought you said you had 5.6.16.

Anyways, let’s try a two step approach.

Shutdown WW. Uninstall your current version. That won’t clear the Registry unfortunately but maybe doing a fresh install will solve the problem and do it after rebooting.

If the problem still exists, then uninstall WW yet again, then invoke Regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher key. Delete the whole thing.

And to be very thorough reboot again. Then install WW, again.

Let us know if either approach works.

PS: With this URL you should see the data that pertains to your area. … d=3&hbhf=8

The third block of data down, after head and loc id is where alerts fall. Something like:

<swa> <a id="59854" uc="0"> <t>HIGH WIND WARNING UNTIL SAT DEC 02 2006 05:00 AM EST</t> <l></l> </a> </swa>
This is what feeds the WW alerts and at this point in time I don’t see any for your location.