Disable the wallpaper in version 5.6 Beta 3 and up

To disable the wallpaper:

  1. In the “General” section, uncheck the “Update wallpaper” checkbox.

  2. In the “Severe Alert” section, uncheck the “Update wallpaper when new severe alert is retrieved” checkbox.

  3. In the “Wallpaper” section, choose “Never auto update” in the dropdown box.

Holy cow!!

Hopefully they’re all off as the default.

You might want to consider making the functions of 2 & 3 dependent upon the setting of 1.


All three options operate independently though. They really have nothing in common.

#1 – Only occurs when Weather Watcher starts.

#2 – Only occurs when a new severe alert is downloaded.

#3 – Occurs all of the time at the set interval.

It took me a minute to figure out that I also had to go back into desktop properties and reset my wallpaper to what was there before.

My vote is for an option that says “Do you want wallpaper? yes/hell no” Basically a master control button to turn it off all the way… nice and simple… default to off. (besides, i can’t see my desktop wallpaper on a regular day, the feature is mainly useless, and it clashes with my icon packager, i’m all about matching…)

Ok, I thought I had disabled it, but when I rebooted, the wallpaper is back, but all the boxes mentioned were unchecked, and never update in the dropdown menu on the wallpaper section. I’m using the latest beta from the home page, I installed it yesterday (clean install, uninstalled old version first due to problems) Is there something I’m missing?

Enable and disable each of the 3 options. Even if they appear to be disabled currently.

What you see is not always what’s been set.


Ok, thanks. I’ve tried that,(checked and unchecked all the boxes) and set my wallpaper back, but after a reboot its back.

Did you check all 3 boxes, click on Ok then uncheck them and Ok again?

I seemed to remember something where I also shutdown WW then restarted to ensure the option was permanently set but I don’t remember what I did it for, or even if it was necessary. But it did work. [:)]


Hi iamadragonrider,

  1. Does the WW wallpaper update or is it just the last one you happened to have had? If it still updates, then the issue is in WW settings.

  2. If the WW Wallpaper is static, then just use the normal Windows functions to change the wallpaper to whatever you want or to nothing.

– PatrickB

Ok, I’ve been so busy it took me awhile.

So this time I went through and selected all of the options to update uallpaper.
Hit ok.
opened up the options again, and disabled all three of the wallpaper options.
hit ok.
Went to the desktop and changed my wallpaper back to what it used to be again,
and rebooted, though not right away.

but now that I have rebooted, the wallpaper is back. Its not static, it says feb 4th. I really would like to get rid of the wallpaper, its the one feature of weather watcher i don’t like, and otherwise its a really nifty program i’ve had it for a while ever since I had too many problems with weatherbug.

Well mine came back after the first reboot here is what I did

  1. open up options go to wallpaper and turn off auto update
  2. go to general and turn off update wallpaper
  3. go to maps and remove any maps in the history
  4. go to alerts and turn off update wallpaper on alert

select new background wallpaper and reboot

I tried all the steps again, and this time rebooted right away. I did notice this time that my wallpaper was there as I selected, but within a minute or so the weather watcher wallpaper replaced it. Now, what is odd is that the wallpaper updates, but all three boxes/dropdown to update it are disabled.

There were no maps in the history under the maps tab.

Should I consider reverting to an older version? Or am I missing something…

PS… it only seems to come back after I reboot… otherwise, it stays away until I reboot, and then will happily update until I change my wallpaper in windows.


The settings are obviously stored in the Registry and it would seem that your Registry is either getting restored for some reason or isn’t getting updated with WW changes until WW is shutdown.

Could you try what your did previously but add a reboot to the process? ie turn the 3 settings on, OK, close down WW, reboot. Upon rebooting, turn the 3 settings off, OK, close down WW, reboot.

Let us know what happens.


Ok… this is getting to be a little too much just to turn this off. I have tried the last suggestion by EdP… But after a few minutes of rebooting, the wallpaper reappears even though no options to update the wallpaper are checked/selected. I do believe the wallpaper likes me. But I think I will either revert to a previous version or hope wallpaper is easier to turn off with the next update. If anyone is interested in system info, i am happy to oblidge, but I am quite finishes with checking, unchecking, rebooting, and add my fervent wish to a simple one click on/off option for this feature in some future version. Thanks for your help so far, and patience.

Wow!! [:0]

That’s amazing iamdragonrider. Thanks for the update.

I’m out of suggestions at this point. [:(] Sorry.


iamdragonrider, if you e-mail me the registry key below, I’d be happy to help you out.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher

I’d be interested in hearing what you find Mike.


I’ll post it here if I hear back from iamdragonrider.

Here are the important sections of iamdragonrider’s registry key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher\Wallpaper]
“Rate”=“Every 5 minutes”
“AutoUpdate”=“True”</font id=“orange”>

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher\SevereAlert]
“UpdateWallpaperOnAlert”=“True”</font id=“orange”>

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Weather Watcher\General]
“UpdateWallpaper”=“True”</font id=“orange”></font id=“Courier New”>

As you can see, all of the wallpaper options are set to enabled in the registry.