Different oberservation times in WW and on Weather.com


I don’t know whether it is a bug or not, but today I recognized something strange: The “observed” time on the Weather.com homepage and in WW was different ALTHOUGH WW displayed the most recent weather information.


WW says the data is from 11:50 pm but if you compare it with the data on the Weather.com homepage it is exactly the same, except that Weather.com says it has been observed at 7:20 am.

Any ideas?



seemed to be a glitch of some kind on the Weather.com page. Now the times are correct again.


I keep having this same issue everyday! :cry:

It has to be a bug in Weather Watcher.

Weather.com is reporting the correct time but Weather Watcher is reporting time from the future :cry:

Now weather.com just updated to Observed Time 9:00AM and Weather Watcher still says Observed Time 9:25AM which is wrong! :frowning:


Update! I found a short fix for this issue.

If you goto options and change the active city then back again to the same city weather watcher will report the correct Observed time. And will once again be the same as weather.com


So when this Observed time issue happens the only way to get Weather Watcher to report the correct time again is to change the active city. And then back again.

Mike Singer please can you fix this? :sad:

I am using Weather Watcher 5.6.25k

I am pretty sure this bug started with weather watcher 5.6.25j

It seems that by fixing the issue where weather watcher gets old info it caused this new problem.

superman75, the times match for me every time I check the weather for your location. Is there a way to reproduce this issue, or does it just randomly happen sometimes?

It just happens at random times.

Mike if you could run your weather watcher with northeast Philadelphia as active city for a few days. I am sure you will see the problem show up.

Just make sure you keep checking it throughout the Day.

Same problem here…at 2:00PM, it was showing 2:45PM for the westher conditions and forecast.



Its doing it again right now.

Weather Watcher is reporting Observed time 6:00PM

and Weather.com is reporting Observed time 5:00PM

The current time here in Philly is 5:21PM.


One showing Daylight Savings time one not? :-s

Its doing it again right now! :sad:

:-s Well, it’s obviously not a Daylight Saving problem.

Is the weather.com time ever greater than the WW time?

How about an IE cache problem? Something to try, when you encounter this problem hold the Shift key down and click on IE’s Refresh button. Does the IE time than match the WW time?

At 2:40PM, WW downloaded the forecast for Suffolk,VA. The time observed was 3:25AM. I refreshed the forecast and it said 4:25PM!!!

I checked weather.com, and their time is correct.


What are the “Downloaded” and “Updated” values displaying in the registry when the times are not displaying correctly? Please post a screenshot showing the following:


Ok its doing it again right now!

Weather.com is reporting Observed time 10:25AM and Weather Watcher is reporting Observed time 11:00AM. The current local time is 10:39AM

I posted a pic of the “Downloaded” and “Updated” values displaying in the registry.



Weather Watcher is stuck on 11:00AM



superman75, from your registry screenshot above, I can see the time is incorrect in the data feed itself. That is weather.com’s issue to resolve.

Can you contact them about this problem?