detailed forecast format change?

I’m kinda new here, been lurking for awhile, and using WW for a long time now, but something came up that I was curious about so I thought I’d ask.
I wasnt sure what forum would have been best to post in, so if this is’nt it please forgive me. [:I]

I was wondering why the detailed forecast format changed sometime between v5.0.27 and the current version?
I actually preferred the old format, where
tomorrow night:
etc.etc. were listed seperately. Now you just get the day and a short description.
I thought the old way was more of an appropriate “detailed” forecast.

After using the new version for a bit I realized I liked the old way so much better, that I actually went back to running v5.0.27 instead of the latest and greatest (which I would really prefer).
Since going back to the old version, I havent noticed it taking any longer to download and process the data or anything.
So, I was just wondering what the impetus was for making this change.

Anyway, thats just my question/suggestion.
Other than the detailed forecast thing, I love the program,and honestly dont know what I would do without it.