Default Options button

Heya. Before I go on - i’d just like to say what a gift Weather Watcher has been. Instead of waiting for the weather to come on the news every morning, I just look at the weather watcher and it tells me everything there is to know (much more than a meteorologist would explain). Thanks for a well designed and spyware free program.

I would like to suggest a simple Default Options button. I, for one, am somebody who learns by playing around with things (even if a read-me file popped up everytime I booted up the program, I still wouldn’t take one glance at it :P). So, incase somebody who learns like I do, changes the options around without exactly knowing what their doing and ends up running into some trouble, all they would have to do is click the Default Options button, without going through the hassle of re-installing just to have those options set back to default. So simple, but yet - so useful.

Thanks for your time, and more importantly - for the great utility! =D


Thanks for the idea!